MuscleBlaze High Protein Lean Mass Gainer, 6.6 lb, Chocolate


  • MuscleBlaze High Protein Gainer 6.6 lb Chocolate is an advanced mass gainer for athletes and professional bodybuilders, which help them in building lean muscles effectively
  • 59g carbs and 30g proteins in the ratio of 2:1 deliver more protein in a serving, which prepares the body for intense workouts and allows it to recover from the workout fatigue as well
  • MuscleBlaze High Protein Gainer Chocolate has more protein for bigger muscles. The combination of 5 slow and fast acting proteins significantly increases the protein value in MuscleBlaze High Protein Gainer
  • Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate help the fitness enthusiast recover faster after an intense workout, whereas slow-acting proteins, such as Calcium Caseinate and Micellar Casein reduce the rate of muscle breakdown
  • MuscleBlaze High Protein Gainer 6.6 lb Chocolate does not contain any sugar content, which implies that calories come from cleaner sources.

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