One Science Premium Nitra Whey Protein 2.27 kg


One Science Nutrition Whey Nitra is scientifically engineered to provide a ground-breaking formula that delivers fast-acting whey protein to maintain and build lean muscle. Each scoop contains 27g of quality protein that works straight on your muscles. ✓Support muscle growth & maintenance ✓6.6 gms BCAA per serving ✓3 gms Creatine per serving ✓Pure muscle-building protein ✓150 mg MACA powder ✓100 mg DAA ✓100 mg Tribulus ✓3.6 mg Boron ✓With Added Digestive Enzymes & herbal testosterone boosters ✓27 gms blend of whey concentrate & whey isolate ✓High-quality protein source ✓Delivers rich thickness and taste ✓Accelerate fat metabolism ✓Low in carbohydrates ✓Patented & Clinically proven ingredients ✓Available in 3 delectable flavors – Chocolate Brownie, Cappuccino & White Choco Almond