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About Us - Protein Kart

About Us

Health, Nutritional & Bodybuilding Supplements Online Store

For all fitness enthusiasts the right nutrition is of prime importance. Keeping in mind that your diet plays the major part in achieving your goal, ensuring that you get the right nutrition is as important as not going without exercise for consecutive 3 days. So protein kart although being a young horse in this run, we are sworn to give you a hand in your fitness journey and providing you the fuel that your body needs to achieve your ultimate.

ProteinKart: Our Speciality

As all our fitness experts have been fitness enthusiasts for years. The idea is to provide the proteinkart family the accurate advice and assistance with the suppliments as per individual body type, because hey! Didn’t we all started walking and talking at a different age? So every individual takes their own time to reach their goal, and we are here to give you the ‘support & suppliments’ that ‘you’ specifically need and to provide you with what actually makes the difference.

Why Choose ProteinKart?

So this is question of utmost importance that we encourage you to ask yourself as well as to ask us. And we will be the happiest to provide you with all the reasons why you should become a part of our ‘Profam’


So let’s learn together the ABC to nutrition, because hey! With you we are also willing to learn more with each member who joins the fam, as there’s always scope to learn and improve for all of us.

So let’s start with :

A is for Authentic goods

There’s one thing we never compromise and that is the authenticity of the products, every product that you order with us gurantees aunthenticity and is sourced directly from the manufacturer after testing that it is safe for you to consume.

B is for Brands

And obviously a term ‘brand-loyal’ does exist, so if you have a preference we are ready to take it. We offer you a huge variety and wide range of brands including ON whey protein, muscleblaze whey protein, Myprotein and a lot more. And also a large variety of products including Whey protein, mass gainers, fish oil, amino acids and other health suppliments that you may require..

C is for Consultation with experts

roteinkart gives you a panel of experienced and certified fitness experts and nutrition experts to answer any query that you may have with respect to your health and fitness. You can call, visit, email or whatsapp our experts for getting your queries resolved at absolutely no cost.

D is for Door step delivery with detailed information about all products

Before you purchase a product its very essential to understand the features of the product and what you actually need to reach you goal. Proteinkart provides you detailed information about each product including nutritional contect, when to use it, what quantity to use so you can make an informed decision each time.

Proteinkart makes it easy for you to get the products that you need offering door step delivery all over India. Once you have chosen the products that you need they will be delivered to you at your door step in secured packaging.

E is for Easy payment options

Proteinkart also gives you the option for Cash on Delivery and even EMIs options are available so you can pay off your purchase in easy installments.

Proteinkart Guaranteed Authentic Deliveries

One of the biggest concern with the health and suppliment industry in india is that these products may be fake or parallel imports.

Proteinkart ensures that customers only get 100% authentic products by maintaining very strict quality control measures from the time of sourcing until the distribution of each product. These products are sourced directly from the manufacturer to avoid any chances of adulteration or impurities that may have adverse effect on your health.

Our return and delivery policy

The return and delivery policies are kept very simple for your benifit

  • Products are delivered within 2-3 working days of placing your order
  • You can track your order on real time basis
  • We offer a 14 days return policy in case the customer received damaged products or is not satisfied with the product
How to reach us

You can place your orders directly on proteinkart. This allows you to choose from the products that are available on our portal and also read about them in detail before making the final purchase.

Open chat

TheProteinskart.in and theproteinskart.com is not our website. So we are not responsible for any purchase from that website. Thankyou