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GAT Whey Protein is a tasty protein shake with nutrients packed with energy for lean muscle. The fast-acting whey protein found in GAT whey is an ideal source of protein to maintain and develop lean muscle.


It is a superior source of protein that aids in maintaining and growing muscle. The best source of protein for developing lean muscle is this one. The 25 grams of fast-acting, 100% quality whey protein in each scoop of GAT Whey Protein-5lbs (2268g) works on your muscles. 5 grams of protein-derived BCAAs are present in each scoop. It tastes great and is quite simple to combine.

GAT WHEY PROTEIN100% Whey Protein Source Advantages

  • Lean muscles

  • Having few carbs

  • Boost fat metabolism and eat

  • Digestive enzymes, it helps with better protein digestion and absorption into muscles.

  • Pure whey isolate serves as the main source of protein and has only 3g of carbohydrates.

A Diet that is Low in Fat, Carbohydrates, Sugar, and Sodium

A tasty protein shake that is packed with nutrients for lean muscle. Fast-Acting Whey Protein is the Best Protein Source For Maintaining And Developing Lean Muscle. Each scoop of GAT Whey Protein contains 25g of fast-acting, quality whey protein that begins working on your muscles immediately. Over 5 grams of protein-derived BCAAs are present in each scoop. GAT Whey Protein-5lbs (2268g) provides a low-carb, excellent protein blend with only 3g of carbohydrates, 2g of sugar, and 1.5g of fat. Low-carb protein powder is intended to feed lean muscles and speed up fat metabolism.

Advantages of Formula

  • Hardly any carbs.

  • Accelerate the metabolism of fat and eat.

  • Specify lean muscle.

  • Low-carb protein powders have been demonstrated to hasten fat metabolism and nourish and define the lean muscles you've been working so hard to develop.


A superior source of protein is GAT whey protein. With each dessert-like flavor, it tastes nice. It provides thickness as well. With the help of this tasty GAT whey protein, you can achieve your goals with ease. The 5-pound (2268-gram) GAT Whey Protein comes in 4 incredible flavors: Cookies & Cream, Coffee, Rich Chocolate, and Vanilla. With each dessert-like flavor, the high-quality protein source gives excellent rich thickness and taste. More thoroughly appreciate each tasty protein shake while achieving your goals. For all athletes, GAT Sport offers 4 amazing low-carb protein powders. With just 25g of premium 100% Whey Protein, you may build lean muscle while consuming very few carbohydrates.


Using 8 fl. One scoop of GAT whey protein should be blended or shaken with an oz of water or milk. Add 4 fl. for each extra serving. oz. of milk or water. It is advised to consume one to three servings daily and a healthy diet and exercise routine.

About GAT

With 20 years of quality, GAT Sport has satisfied customers and retailers worldwide. This has been made possible by reliable products that produce results. Premium ingredients and tested formulae supported by science, research, and clinical trials are the foundation of these products. The nutritional supplements sold by GAT Sport are made in the US in state-of-the-art facilities under FDA inspection. With established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that are put into practice by our Quality Control team, these facilities are Certified by Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and approved by top certifying authorities. Quality control and quality assurance professionals ensure that all requirements are met at every stage of the manufacturing process. All completed goods are tested internally and by outside laboratories using the most up-to-date tools and technology to ensure potency and purity. Each raw material is tested to ensure it meets the criteria. The finished product is not released for shipment until all of these procedures have been finished and approved.

GAT Headquarters:

578 Pepper Street, Monroe, CT 06468

Telephone: 203-325-8567


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