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India's first sports and bodybuilding nutrition supplement brand is called Scitron.

Do you enjoy working out or do you want a healthier body? The Indian market for sports nutritional supplements can provide you with a variety of choices that can target various results depending on your physical goals. However, Scitron, the top supplement brand in India, is committed to providing the highest-quality bodybuilding and nutritional supplements available in the country. These products are produced using cutting-edge technologies that have received scientific validation and are the result of extensive research and development. Our internet supplement store is designed to make it simple for you to choose the proper supplements for your objectives and we assist many customers from all over the nation in improving every day!

If used as directed, the sports nutrition supplements we produce are on par with any international supplement brand and will assist you in achieving your goals.

Is Scitron a brand from India?

Scitron is an Indian supplement brand, and its manufacturing facility in India is where all of the raw components are combined and manufactured. While we do obtain our raw materials from a variety of international suppliers, we strive to sell the majority of our goods in India, where they are all exclusively produced.

Although we produce the Best Whey Protein for Weight Loss, which is frequently used in the Indian homemade protein shake for weight loss as well, the Indian fitness community prefers and consumes our vitamins and other nutritional supplements in large quantities. Therefore, Scitron is the top protein brand in India, and we are working hard to become the country's best supplement brand.

What Products Do We Offer?

Our items are primarily designed for consumption that is goal-oriented, as you may be. The product categories we offer include vitamins, single-ingredient compounds like arginine and carnitine, as well as high-quality nutritional supplements like whey proteins, BCAA, bulk gainers, and triple-strength fish oil.

Powdered proteins

For many people, nutritional supplements are an essential component of their active lifestyle. The whey proteins that we provide in the Indian protein powders category are not only a fantastic source of healthy nutrition requirements but are also concentrated towards giving you the best outcomes and helping you achieve your objective.

The Nitro Series, which features items specifically created for the bodybuilding community, is one of our most current product categories from Scitron, the best supplement brand in India.

Fitness enthusiasts all over the country adore these products because they are filled with the right amount of protein, BCAA, EAA, and even Arginine or Carnitine of them. They come in delicious flavors like milk chocolate, chocolate fudge brownie, rich chocolate, double rich chocolate, and chocolate fantasy.

The main raw material for all of Scitron's whey protein products comes from Glanbia Nutritionals in the United States, an Indian supplement company. A reliable and significant provider of the essential ingredient that permits a better product for us has been Glanbia Performance Nutrition. Since Glanbia's employees are so meticulous about the quality of the products they supply, we are able to guarantee a fantastic selection of goods.

Vegan protein consumers adore our plant-based protein as well. You can always switch to our 100% Organic Pea Protein, which is unflavored and available in jars of 900G if your diet plan forbids you from using whey protein. Each serving of these contains 4.7g BCAAs in addition to 35g of protein. The product has a deep, authentic pea flavor and is created from organic pea protein isolate.


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