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Labrada: Brand Details

The IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Hall of Famer and former Mr. Universe, Mr. Lee Labrada, created the US-based company Labrada Nutrition in 1995. Labrada Nutrition was founded to empower individuals with accurate nutrition knowledge and offer them high-quality nutrition products to achieve their fitness objectives and maintain their health. The most reputable brand in sports nutrition is Labrada Nutrition. It provides a wide range of nutritious and scientifically supported nutritional goods, such as protein shakes that are ready to drink, meal replacements, and performance enhancers. Additionally, Labrada informs its customers on nutrition, health, and fitness through social media, blogs, newsletters, videos, and committed customer service.

Labrada Nutrition's corporate office:

Houston, Texas 77086, 16232 State Highway 249

Phone: 800-832-9948

Choose Labrada Nutrition because...

Here are a few reasons one can rely on Labrada Nutrition to meet nutritional demands.

Items based on research: Whether you want to get bigger, stronger, or leaner, Labrada Nutrition has products for everyone. The complete product line is designed to give you the right nourishment based on research and studies that have been supported by science. Labrada Nutrition offers the best ingredients worldwide in its supplements, which have been independently evaluated. The purity of every shipment of the products is tested at a laboratory. All Labrada products are made in GMP-approved and US FDA-inspected facilities. Informed Sports, the National Sanitation Foundation, and the Safe Quality Food Institute have all granted their products certification. Labrada Nutrition has their products checked for microbiological contamination, heavy metal levels, and nutrient claims by ISO/IEC 17025:2005 approved laboratories.

Prize-winning goods: The formulations of Labrada Nutrition products are renowned for being distinctive, cutting-edge, and goal-oriented. The American Culinary Institute's Gold Taste Award and the NNFA People's Choice Award have both been won repeatedly by Labrada's lean body products. It has been demonstrated in the lab and on the field that Labrada supplements assist you achieve your physical goals. Not marketing hype, but actual scientific research and studies, support our products.

Unique Blend: Instead of the 'pixie dust' dusting that the majority of their rivals try to sell you as a 'unique blend,' when you choose a Labrada supplement, you are taking a high-quality product with effective levels of active components. You can see it right there on the label. What we refer to as "truth in labeling."

Value to Money: You get what you pay for since all Labrada products are tested by a third-party lab to make sure they live up to their label claims. Since 1995, they have gladly placed well-deserved reputation on the line by stamping my products with the phrase "If it's on the label, it's in the product" as part of my personal quality guarantee. Every shipment of my products is tested at a lab for purity.

How can the Quality of Labrada Nutrition Products be Verified?

On its official website, Labrada Nutrition has provided a list of the names of its licensed retailers and distributors where customers can purchase authentic Labrada supplements. A foolproof method to spot authentic supplements is offered by Labrada Nutrition. It is advised to check each product using the special code issued by the brand on the TrueMPN app, which is accessible on the Play Store and iOS platforms.

Which Labrada Nutrition Product Enjoys the Greatest Popularity?

Bodybuilders and athletes who want to gain weight quickly adore Labrada Nutrition's Muscle Mass Gainer. It is a tasty, calorically dense shake that is packed with high-quality protein, carbohydrates, creatine monohydrate, and other necessary nutrients to keep you always in a state of muscle-building. The 17 grams of BCAAs in Labrada Nutrition's Muscle Mass Gainer make it a good choice for long-term use. Finally, a range of nutritional supplements created by bodybuilders, for bodybuilders, is available. You now have access to a wide variety of supplements through Labrada that can complement your physical fitness and physique objectives. With the proper ratio of premium components, these supplements can help you recover more quickly, train harder, and gain muscle mass more quickly.


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