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The staff at ProteinKart is of the opinion that everybody can succeed in anything they set their minds to and that what sets one person apart from another is the strength of their body and the determination of their intellect. People at ProteinKart are part of the new generation of fitness enablers who want to collaborate with individuals who see fitness as more than simply a hobby or activity. They see it as a way of life, an indispensable way of life, and the ultimate fashion statement.

Whether you're an athlete, dancer, fitness fanatic, or sports enthusiast, ProteinKart supports the dedicated, motivated, and focused who know what is best for them. ProteinKart is here to stand for those who feel that high quality can come with the greatest flavor.

Ultimate Nutrition is known for its highly-researched, exclusive product range to cater to the needs of athletes, active people, gym enthusiasts, and bodybuilders. Each product is designed explicitly considering precise dosage and requirements.

Ultimate Nutrition Inc.:

21 Hyde Road, Farmington, Connecticut 06032 USA
Telephone: 18604097100
Email Address:

Why choose ProteinKart for ultimate nutrition?

ProteinKart is an online store that offers 100% healthy, power-packed food and supplements to help you keep your body in tip-top shape. From protein powders to prebiotic fiber supplements, ProteinKart is committed to making sure you have a fulfilling and nutritious diet.

1. Offers high-quality products -All of ProteinKart's products have passed the highest standards of quality. From whey protein to multivitamins, every product is 100% pure and natural.

2. Offers great discounts -ProteinKart offers special deals and discounts on pre-orders and bulk purchases. That way you can get your supplements at wholesale prices!

3. Offers free shipping -All orders or a minimum purchase value of $49 comes with free shipping! There is no need to pay extra for delivery as long as you shop at ProteinKart!

4. Offers a satisfaction guarantee -If you are not satisfied with your purchase, ProteinKart will offer you a full refund.

5. Offers an affiliate program - Affiliates can earn a 35% commission on every supplement sale they bring to the site. Just use the promo code provided and earn some extra cash!

How to check the authenticity of Ultimate Nutrition products?

Ultimate Nutrition products from ProteinKart are 100% authentic. You can make sure of that by checking the label on the bottle. The label will have a unique code on it, starting with AU or AO. If there is no code on the label, then it is not an original product.

Where can I read reviews of Ultimate Nutrition products?

At ProteinKart's website, you can find both user and expert reviews of each supplement. User reviews are real-life testimonials and first-hand experiences of people who are using the supplements. Expert reviews are written by experts in nutrition and health, who evaluate each product based on its ingredients and effectiveness in aiding weight loss or increasing muscle mass.

How to order Ultimate Nutrition products from ProteinKart?

You can also call or email Ultimate Nutrition and ask for an order form. By filling out the form, you will be provided with a shopping cart which will enable you to easily track your order as well as add products to your cart. If you would like to order by phone, please call us or email


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