Bigmuscles Nutrition Crude Whey – 1 kg (flavoured)


  • Each serving of Crude Whey Protein is packed with 24 grams of high-quality, fast-digesting and absorbing whey protein to support even the most rigorous athletic and fitness goals.
  • This Lean Protein packed shake delivers a milkshake-like experience that will have you convinced it’s your cheat day.
  • Crude Whey flavoured comes with a zip lock packaging for completely safe post usage storage
  • Crude Whey is formulated with high quality ingredients at effective doses that we’re proud to share with you. We don’t hide anything, so you always know exactly what you’re putting into your body.
  • International Standard ingredients are what you need to help you achieve your fitness goals. That’s what you’ll find in crude whey because that’s what works.